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Before Event

Idea Submissions Close
April 16, 2020 5:00 PM

Hackathon Public Q & A (Live Broadcast)
April 16, 2020 6:00 PM

Friday 17th April

Team Registration Opens
12:00 pm

Popcorn Pitch
2:00 pm

Want to learn more about ideas registered for Hack The Crisis NZ or showcase your own idea for people to learn more about, Join us for an hour of popcorn pitch. Those wanting to present will have 60 seconds to deliver their pitch.

Tech, Tools and Platform 101
3:00 pm

Orientation: Event Kick Off (Live Webinar)
5:00 pm

Lightning Talk: Bruce Bassett, Industry Strategy Manager, TIA: Covid-19’s impact on Tourism and looking ahead (Live Webinar)
5:30 pm

On the sofa with....Georgia Latu, Pōtiki Poi Limited (Live Webinar)
5:45 pm

Coach & Mentor Announcement & Pairing
6:15 pm

MC address: Day 2 Scene Setting (Live Webinar)
6:30 pm

Team Registrations Close
7:00 pm

Teams Begin Work
7:00 pm

Saturday 18th April

Pre Event Networking (Via Slack/Donut)
8:30 am

Day 2 Event Kick Off (Live Webinar)
9:00 am

On the sofa with.....Rohan Wakefield, CEO & Co-founder Enspiral Dev Academy (Live webinar)
9:20 am

Think Lab: Social Impact with Akina
10:00 am

Think Lab: Customer Validation with Co-Starters
10:00 am

Think Lab: Rapid Prototyping with Springload
10:00 am

Teams To Work On Ideas
10:30 am

MC Address and Q&A (Live Webinar)
10:45 am

Lightning Talk: Crowdfunding, Anna Guenther, Chief Bubble Blower, Pledgeme
11:00 am

Teams To Work On Projects
1:30 pm

Lightning Talk: UX Design, Martha Palmer, Rolls Royce (Live Webinar)
3:00 pm

MC Address: Day 3 Scene Setting and Q&A (Live Webinar)
5:00 pm

Lightning Talk: Pitch Prep with Dave Mosk
5:15 pm

Pitch Practice
6:00 pm

Teams To Continue Working On Projects
7:00 pm

Sunday 19th April

Pre Event Networking (Via Slack/Donut)
8:30 am

Day 3: Event Kick Off (Live Webinar)
9:00 am

On The Sofa With....Tim Dorian, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Aro Digital (Live Webinar)
9:15 am

We are lucky to have CEO & Co-founder of Enspiral Dev Academy, Rohan Wakefield joins us on the Hack the Crisis sofa to talk to us about the skills and techniques used to foster great culture and innovation in teams.

Teams To Finalise Projects
10:00 am

Lightning Talk: Holly Norton, Central Regional Manager, Sustainable Business Network (Live Webinar)
10:00 am

Pitches Due
2:00 pm

All Pitches Published Publicly
2:30 pm

Mentors Evaluations of Ideas
2:30 pm

Judging Commences
3:30 pm

Live Q&A with Judges & Finalists (Live broadcast: open to general public)
4:30 pm

Prize Announcements - (Live broadcast: open to General Public)
5:30 pm